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Requirements for membership are:

DUES: Individual member dues are $ 20.00. Family members dues are $25.00. Dues of a new member shall be prorated from the first day of the month in which such new member applies for membership as follows:
January, February & March$20/25
April, May & June$15/20
July, August & September$10/15
October, November & December
    (includes the following year’s dues).

Entitlements of membership:

Each individual membership is entitled to one copy of the monthly YVGS Family Finders newsletter. Each family membership is entitled to one copy of the newsletter per household. Receiving the newsletter by email is encouraged.

Each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the membership. There shall be no vote of the members by proxy.




General Information:

Annual dues shall be payable on or before the January 1 of each year.

When any member shall be in default in the payment of dues for more than two months, their name will be dropped from the membership list and deleted from the Newsletter mailing list.

Membership in this society is not transferable or assignable.

Membership shall terminate on the death or resignation of a member, or on expulsion of a member.

The monthly YVGS Family Finders newsletter is available to non-members for $10 a year by email.

Copies to members by U.S. Postal Service is available for a $10.00 fee to cover postage. (Based on postal costs and subject to change.)