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NOTE: The Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society Surname Index
"People of the Pass" (POP)

The San Gorgonio Pass is a 31 mile portion of the I-10 freeway in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, California. It includes the following settlements West to East:

Crafton Reservation
Cherry Valley
Oak Glen
Highland Springs Village
Morongo Reservation

This web site contains a link to a list of individuals who at some time lived in the "Pass" area, and where they are interred, if known. The index contains information about surname, given name, maiden name, nickname, date and place of birth, date and place of death. If there was an obituary published and who the publisher was. If the cemetery is known, it is listed. Various individuals and organizations submit the information. The amount of information may vary depending on the submitter.


Need more information? Please send all questions to the Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society with a donation of $5.00 per search. There may be some additional information in an archive that is located through the Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society. The amount of information will vary depending on the original submitter.

Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society Obituary Index

An index of obituaries listed in newspapers located in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California. The obituaries are collected and compiled by YVGS members. The data in this obituary section is updated regularly.

Particular items that the researcher should be aware of while using this data are:

  • The obituary data is extracted from local newspapers as shown in the “Obit-Publ” column.  There may be more than one newspaper listed with different dates.

Copies of the obituaries may be ordered from the Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society (with a donation of $10.00 to cover cost of our members collecting the requested information, if it is located)

... Request Information.

If errors or omisssions are detected, please send to the following address or use an online form. Request Information.

Please send questions and corrections to:

     P. O. Box 32
     Yucaipa, CA  92399-0032


Bio of the Surname Database

In 2007, uder the presidency of Jamie Daniel, the canvassing of Desert Lawn Memorial Park was started.

In 2008, under the presidency of Gena Ortega, the indexing of birth, marriage and death records reported in the Yucaipa-Calimesa News Mirror was added as an additional project.

In 2009, under the presidency of Earl Giddings, an enormous data-base was created to combine all of the previous efforts and includes thousands of photographs of tombstones to be entered on, not only the Society records but also on Find A Grave.

In 2010, under the presidency of Floyd Ferguson, we added information on three other local cemeteries; Stewart Sunnyslope, San Gorgonio and Mountain View

Since many tombstones provided only the year of birth and death, Earl Giddings undertook the project to locate additional information from the Social Security Death Index, California Death Index, California Birth Index, California Marriage Index and our YVGS data-base.

We are aware that some of the CADI information of surnames and maiden names are not always spelled correctly but hope they will be beneficial.

We wish to thank Earl Giddings and his son Greg Giddings for the years of work that they put in while compiling the information to December 2013. While President of the Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society in 2006, the members that assisted Earl in going to the cemeteries and photographing the gravestones were:

                   Barbara Firestone

                   Jamie Daniel

                   Sue Wolfe


Due to the volume of surnames, the lists is divided into:

POP 2014 through Present

POP 2000 through 2013

POP ... through 1999

Click on the link and you will be taken to the database.

For more information contact the Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Soceity